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Go ahead and build your own stand II

I completely disagree with the peron who gave such dire warnings about
attempting to build one's own aquarium stand. I am by no means a master
carpenter or cabinet maker and I built a VERY nice stand that I stained the
same color as my hardwood floor and it looks like it just grows right outta
the floor.

I do agree that if you have never sawn a piece of wood that this is not the
project you want to start out with.

My favorite aquarium stand site, and the one I used to help build my stand is
http://users.leading.net/~cfreyer/aqbuild.htm . This is Chris Freyer's
stand page and he did a remarkable job of explaining the construction.
There are photos of the build process and most helpful is that he created a
spreadsheet to calculate the sizes of the different pieces of wood you will
need based on your input of the size stand you want.

Don't let the woodworking snobs keep you from trying this. Just because
most of us do not have our own shop with all the joinery tools does not
mean you cannot build a very nice looking, totally functional stand that is
way better constructed than that particle board crap you see in some stores
and way less expensive than the solid wood/custom built pieces. Hey, most
of us are not planning to display the stand in the Guggenheim museum as a
piece of fine art. Mitered molding over the butt joints looks very fine on
my stand.

All that siad, be careful with the tools, plan well and heed the
construction advice on the above and other available DIY stand pages.