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Re: Water Clarity vs. Water Movement

> TomWood3 at aol_com wrote:
> I currently run two HOT Magnums with the micron cartridge on a 60 gallon.  I'm
> planning a 120 and am working out the fitration.  The Magnums provide plenty
> of water motion, but unless I use the microns, there are always enough
> suspended particles to be annoying.  The downside is, they only last a week
> before clogging, and can't be doing the motors much good.  For a tank as large
> as a 120 (48x24x24) what is the best filtration?  I hear recommendations for
> Eheim but do they provide crystal clear water without cloggin frequently?  I
> also hear recommendations for simple sponge filters - like four of them on
> powerheads in each corner?  Or would one of the big Ocean Clear cannisters
> with a micron work best?  Thanks for any experiences shared in this size
> range...
> Tom
I wonder if two magnums might be providing too much water movement for a
60 gal tank. They could be kicking up the particles they are intended to
remove. I used to have a HOT magnum. They really spit out alot of water.
Plant tanks do need water movement, but not a whole lot.

I'm jealous that you are getting a 120 gal. I would not use any
mechanical filtration for it. My 75 gal has an overflow box with a hose
to a trickle filter in the sump (a 20 long aquarium.) A large powerhead
and tube return the water to the main tank. There is no mechanical
filtration and my water is crystal clear. Yes, stuff floats around for
awhile after water changes but things clear up after a few hours. Water
movement in the main tank is provided by the returning water.

I have used this setup for about 7 years and highly recommend it. There
are several advantages. It is very low maintenance as there are no
filters to change. The overflow filter keeps the water surface perfectly
clean allowing for optimal light penetration. All of the unsightly
equipment can be located out of sight in the sump. My heater, pH probe
and the pump and return lines for the UV sterilizer are hidden down
there (the sterilizer is for emergencies only.) Also the airline from
the DYI CO2 bottle runs to the intake of powerhead in the sump so that a
fine mist of bubbles is released into the tank. I'm not certain however
that the trickle filter is really needed. It may be providing too much
bacterial filtration and removing the added CO2 with turbulence. I've
often thought of removing it and letting the water from the overflow go
strait into the sump.

Anyway, think about making the 120 tank a little calmer and leaving out
the mechanical filtration.

Kevin O. Hicks