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River tank

On Fri, 1 Jan 1999, Aquatic Chris wrote:

> Habitat
> What plants would do well with a good water flow?
> I was thinking of several strap leaf sagiterias or vals along the back
> and then what for the bottom?

For the bottom - stem plants that tend to develop roots at nodes in the
stem can lay down in a current (at least some of them do this in nature)
and be used as bottom cover.

> Has anyone else tried this?

I've seen Potamogeton's do this in streams, and I grow Hydrocotyle
luecocephala "laying down" in one of my tanks, though it isn't in a strong
current.  Other people on the list have talked about growing Hygrophila
difformis on it's side, but I don't know if its leaf form is very well
adapted to growth in a strong current.

Roger Miller