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Re: Go ahead and build your own cabinet!

Thanks for the feedbacks!

> Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 20:31:08 -0500
> From: cwells <cdwells at concentric_net>
> Subject: Re:Go ahead and build your own cabinet!
> I agree if your handy with tools!
> Some are, some aren't - if you enjoy projects and have more
time than
> money go for it.
Yes, you bet. I'm pretty handy with tools. Furniture repairs
and installations. Even custom-built a 20H tank stand from pine
woods and a kitchen cabinet. However, building from scratch is
the first.

Didn't think thekrib would have DIY stand articles. Just reread.

> I just built a stand for my 120 g and it turned out quite
nice! ~ $100
> and very strong, square and level.
> I think the key is planning (look at other examples) and
keeping it
> simple
> I built mine because some of the off the shelf designs are
very minimal
> and make me worry.   I had a 55g on a cheapy wooden stand and
it sprung
> a leak that loosened up the wood glue and the stand fell
apart - a big
> mess.  If you do get a cheapy try coating it with
polyurethane for water
> proofing. Not all stands are equal!
I agree and don't believe a 35g tank stand made of press
board(my friend calls it paper.) would cost CND$90 and get away
with 350+ pounds of pressure. 

As for a power miter saw, it's out of the question cuz in the
first place, my budget is limited. Will take it into
consideration, though. There's a Home Depot in 5-minute
driving. They cut woods for free. Love there. All I need to do
would be drilling holes, putting it up together, and screwing.
Oh, and glueing and waterproofing. And I have a big piece of 1"
styrofoam collecting dust. Ergo, plans to DIY a stand.

> good luck
> Chris
Will use your luck. ;)
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