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Re: Snails carrying algae

Bill Hamlin <wjhamlin at hydro_mb.ca> wrote:

> I am getting ready to redo my tank using the bleach treatment to rid
> myself of hair algae.

This is the only effective measure to prevent reoccurence of hair algae.

> Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can "clean" some snails (trumpet
> and ramshorn) to re-seed the tank?

You can collect some of the snail eggs and use those. For MTS, you'll
need to grow some in the dark until you have some babies which you can
collect and introduce to your tank. I think that not all types of
filament algae grow on their shells although BBA does for sure. You also
need to give them time to excrete any algae they may have consumed.

> Would placing them in a jar with a herbicide or a algaecide do the job
> on hair algae without killing the snails? (I have some roundup at
> home...)

I think you will end up killing the snails. You could try putting a
couple of large ones in a 5% bleach solution just like the plants to see
if they can survive a 4 minute dip. Depends which kind of filamentous
algae you are trying to kill. BBA needs 4-5 minutes to kill. I think the
Krib has Paul's data on the dip times for each type of algae.

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