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River tank

I have a 125g 6' long tank that I would like to make into a river
A couple of Question areas:

I have 1 inch PVC plumbing  across the back with several sponge large
sponge filters on one end and a submergable Supreme mag-drive 1200 on
the other end.
The flow is nice but the pump is too noisey!
There is nothing wrong with the pump, its new and I've tried two but it
appears this design is just noisey.
So far I haven't found any submergable pumps with the same volume.
My alternative is to drill the tank at either end on the back near the
top and pump through a quiet external pump. I've drilled several tanks
so this is not a problem.   Does anyone else have another brand to
suggest or comments on the construction?.  Are the Supreme 500 and 700s

What plants would do well with a good water flow?
I was thinking of several strap leaf sagiterias or vals along the back
and then what for the bottom?

Has anyone else tried this?
If you have learned anything in the prosses, like what not to do, please
let me know.

Chris Wells
cdwells at concentric_net