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Re:Go ahead and build your own cabinet!

> So, to the person who originally posted, I say go ahead and make your
> own, but give attention to where the weight will be distributed, and
> work carefully.
> Cathy Hartland

I agree if your handy with tools!
Some are, some aren't - if you enjoy projects and have more time than
money go for it.
But first check out how some people who have done it fared.
There is some good info up at the Krib site
I would also try using a search engine like AltaVista
use their "Advanced" search
using "Aquarium AND stands" as the search string and see what you find.
I just built a stand for my 120 g and it turned out quite nice! ~ $100
and very strong, square and level.
I think the key is planning (look at other examples) and keeping it

I built mine because some of the off the shelf designs are very minimal
and make me worry.   I had a 55g on a cheapy wooden stand and it sprung
a leak that loosened up the wood glue and the stand fell apart - a big
mess.  If you do get a cheapy try coating it with polyurethane for water
proofing. Not all stands are equal!

If you try to build one it does help having a few power tools  - I would
highly recommend a power miter saw (~$100+) so you can get even cuts on
2X4 s, a table saw helps too.  If you don't want to get in hock on tools
check out if your local wood supplier will cut the wood for you.  Try
sticking to standard lengths like a sheet of plywood comes as 4'X8' so
spliting it in two or four gives sides 4 X 4' and bottom/top 2 X 4.  I
had the Home depot guy do this for me - no charge, and then it fit into
the car as well (sort of).  If in the end you create a monster try
shimming and use 1/2 inch styrofoam inbetween the tank and the stand to
help absorb any unevenness.

good luck