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RE: Snails carrying algae

Thanks for the suggestion Ed but I'm a gonna bleach her.

If it was a 120 gal. tank I would probably not worry about it, the
effort would likely discourage me.  I have had even seen any other form
of algae for years so I think things are pretty stable in the tank.  I
have not found anything that controls it very successfully (ghost shrimp
are good but they don't last long in my tank).  Another factor is that
in small tanks like mine 20 gal you can't get much biodiversity.  So if
I add mollies ect. I have to remove something else.

I don't want to get into CO2 injection.  I like my simple and pretty
tank the way it is... except for that d@#! hair algae.

So I will give bleach another go.  But this time the snails (or rather
the snails' offspring) will be clean.



I would suggest to *NOT* use the bleach treatment as there possibly is
something out of balance in your tank.  The bleach treatment will work
for now tho, but how about tomorrow?  As for effective removal of hair
algae do several partial water changes, introduce something like black
molly's, sae's and the like.  Also check nitrates and phosphates because

I am willing to bet that one of those two is high :)  Also you may wanna

consider co2 fertilization (if you are not currently using it)