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Green Water Survey, please participate!! REWARD!!

I've got more than a dozen responses so far, but would like a bigger sample.
I'm encouraged by a couple of trends, and enjoying people stories.   If you
haven't participated yet, please do even if you cant recall all the details
So here are the questions again. * denoted a new question.  All participants
will receive a commemorative post card from me, if they want one.  It will
say "I (inset name here) participated in The Great Cyanobacteria Survey of
1998-1999!" and also have some more text that I'll think up later.  It will
me nominally suited for framing and be a mediocre souvenir of this millennia
in 2000.  It will surely increase you geek quotient. This is a good thing I

Everyone survey will be contacted again to 1. Get an address 2. Ask one or
two follow up questions.

*What month did it start in?

*What did you try that didn't cure it?

When you had green water was it associated with new tank syndrome?
How long did it last?
Did it recur?
If yes, how much later and how many times?
What finally cured it?
Water chemistry.

Some ground rues here, IMHO a partial clearing of the water for 10 days or
less is part of the same plague and a return after micron filtering in 1
week or less is the same plague.

Returns like this. Example for question *What month did it start in?

May, again in December

Line 1 is tank 1
Line 2 is tank 2

Therefore lines separate tanks, commas separate incidents.  Answer questions
in order.  Skipped questions marked with N/A.

I am putting it all in a Microsoft Excel table and manipulating it in what
seems to me to be scientific ways.  Thanks!!



Adam R. Novitt