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>I replanted the marsilea in its
>own area of the tank and it is proceeding to cover the substrate.  It is in a
>60 gallon with 3 watts/gallon, PMDD, CO2, and 1-3 mm silica gravel.  Our
>is moderately hard and the local stores report that most people here have
>little success with glossostigma.  I -think- I've read that Karen Randall has
>reported that it needs high light to create a carpet.  Rataj writes that M.
>quadrifolia needs shade (p.119).  ::shrug::

Not me.  I have almost no experience with Marsilea sp. (aside from a small
patch that was given to me by Steve Pushak and is growing in a dish on a
windowsill)  I'm pretty sure it's not a S.A. plant though.  I thought most
species were from Australia, NG and NZ.  

Aside from that, I'd take anything in Rataj with a grain of salt unless it
were corroborated elsewhere.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association