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Re: DIY aquarium stands...

Let me counter Frank on this off-topic topic.

I agree in essence with what he is saying, but finding what he is saying
is another kettle of fish.

I recently purchased a new 125 acrylic tank, no stand.  Past experience
has shown me that making it yourself is about the same price as buying.
However there was not 1 stand avaible in my city for this tank.  Also all
stands I have seen would not meet any of Franks criteria.  They are so
poorly made its a wonder they don't break.  I trust my homemade
contraption more.

So I made my own stand.  4x4 legs, 2 4x4 spans and 1 2x4 span with  3/4
inch plywood over the top.  2x4 for the bottom and more 3/4 plywood for
the sides and styrofoam as the final top.  I sanded, glued, screwed and
nailed.  Then varnish with polyurthane to protect.

Took about 1 week and looks OK, not furniture quality, but neither are the
stands I have seen.  It is not wobbly by any stretch and is much stonger
than the commerical stands which only use 1 inch pine boards for all
support and decoration.

Just had to say something.

Only used a table say, sander and drill. (and it looks like it :)
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