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RE: Snails carrying algae


I would suggest to *NOT* use the bleach treatment as there possibly is
something out of balance in your tank.  The bleach treatment will work
for now tho, but how about tomorrow?  As for effective removal of hair
algae do several partial water changes, introduce something like black
molly's, sae's and the like.  Also check nitrates and phosphates because
I am willing to bet that one of those two is high :)  Also you may wanna
consider co2 fertilization (if you are not currently using it)


>>I am getting ready to redo my tank using the bleach treatment to rid
myself of hair algae.
>>Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can "clean" some snails
(trumpet and ramshorn) to >>re-seed the tank?
>>Would placing them in a jar with a herbicide or a algaecide do the job
on hair algae without killing >>the snails? (I have some roundup at
>>Thanks in advance.