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Re: Trace element mixes

Mortimer Snerd writes...

>Looks like today is my day to ask questions.  I am looking seriously at
>getting the stuff to make PMDD, and I was wondering if anyone has used
>Eco Enterprises' Ecotrace mineral element formula.  I called them and it
>is reasonably close to the Sears and Conlin recipe, with slightly higher
>amounts of  (I think) boron and zinc (2%, rather than the .4% called
>for).  Are the dosages that finicky, or can I get away with this?  I'd
>use Homegrown Hydroponics' mix, but I'm going right past Eco tomorrow,
>and would like to not have to hassle with UPS.  Thanks in advance...

One is looking for somewhere in the range of a 5:1 ratio by weight
of iron to boron and iron to zinc. It has 2% zinc. What percent is
the iron? The PMDD formula is a bit low in zinc in my opinion.

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca