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Botia sidthimunki

As I understand it,Botia sidthimunki is essentially extinct in the wild. The
ones you are seeing in the trade are from a bunch that someone in the Orient
had in a pond and allowed to breed. At least,that's what I hear through the
trade. I have seen a couple of different batches come through this area (picked
up some of the 1st at $10 each - a far cry from the $.99 they were 15 years
ago!) and it appears that they may be extremely variable. There have been fully
patterned ones as well as ones with almost no markings whatsoever, all in the
same batch. 

I currently have 7 adults,one of which is a female that I obtained 1978 or so.
I plan on setting them up in the next few days to see if I can get them to
breed. Wish me luck!!
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