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Hello all,
   I wanted to add my dime in here on the snail deal.  I still have a
couple dozen APD mails to catch up on, but thought I would through out my
thoughts anyway.  There are more to loaches then clowns.  And almost all
loaches eat snails.  At least the botia types love um.  I have noticed that
one of them particularly adorers them, and that's the Botia striata.  The
B. striata is a particularly small loach and I have never seen mine bother
the plants like the clowns and B. dario do.  Soo  my solution is get a
smaller more plant friendly botia.  A Botia striata or Botia rostrata would
help you out enormously!  I have a 20 gal that had MT snails and red rams
horn snails, ALL snails were gone within days of introducing 7 B. striata.
AND on top of all that the loaches are great little fish!

Jeff Dietsch