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Luckily SAEs are not extinct

Luckily this extinction thing isn't true, as far as I know.  I have heard
about that dam too.  Probably it had been built and it has affected many
fish populations, including SAE and Botia sidthimunki, but as both these
species live in much more than just one river or river system, they can't
be wiped out by just one dam.  Some fish importers say that sidthimunkis
have been rather rare and expensive, but still available regularly and
there has been no change in the availability of SAEs.  

If SAEs were bred in large quantities, there would probably be some change
in their quality, size or prize, but nothing like that has been seen.

About breeding SAEs:
go through the archives of this list and search for the breeding articles
by Doug Underwood and Shane Linder during summer and autumn 1996.

OBplant: I just had a crypt (probably Cryptocoryne affinis) bloom in my
tank for the first time ever, and today I noticed that a Pistia has a
flower too, cute Christmas decorations :-)  And Happy New Year to all
of the readers of Aquatic Plants List!