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SURVEY-Green water-please participae

I'm really convinced that green water cures itself.  I'd really appreciate
it if as many people as possible could participate in a little survey.
Answer me, my questions 3. (OK, question five or six depending on how you
look at it, but 3 sounds better)

When you had green water was it associated with new tank syndrome?

How long did it last?

Did it recur?

If yes, how much later and how many times?

What finally cured it?

Water chemistry.


Please e mail me directly and use only this title "GREEN WATER" without the
quotes.  I will be having my e mail reader sort this into a  separate file.
Comma separate values for multiple tanks.  I'll post the data when replies
stop coming.  This work may help future aquariests so please participate.


Adam R. Novitt