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Suggestions for SA 'carpet' plants

Tomasz Nidecki wrote:
Any other ideas, especially plants 
with different leaf shape than tenellus or Lilaeopsis, and ones that 
multiply very fast (under strong lighting conditions in a shallow - 20cm 
- tank)?"

I put a small bunch of marsilea in my tank just to see what it would do.  I
also had a thriving stand of E. tenellus going.  It appeared that the tenellus
had crowded out the marsilea until I removed a section for thinning.  The
marsilea had spread throughout the tenellus.  I replanted the marsilea in its
own area of the tank and it is proceeding to cover the substrate.  It is in a
60 gallon with 3 watts/gallon, PMDD, CO2, and 1-3 mm silica gravel.  Our water
is moderately hard and the local stores report that most people here have
little success with glossostigma.  I -think- I've read that Karen Randall has
reported that it needs high light to create a carpet.  Rataj writes that M.
quadrifolia needs shade (p.119).  ::shrug::