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Suggestions for SA 'carpet' plants

I've recently visited the Amano pages and the idea of covering the whole 
floor of the tank with small plants became almost a necessity, meaning I 
love the way it looks :)

However, I can't really figure out what plants does Amano use in order to 
get such a result. The only ones I can think of from SA (the tank which I 
plan to plant this way is a SA tank) are Lilaeopsis brasiliensis (in 
process of getting them) and Echinodorus tenellus. Neil sent me some 
dwarf Sagittaria (I think, or was it Echinodorus?) a looong time ago, 
something like 2 years, but it did not survive the last 2 years and I'm 
hoping to get some more somehow... Any other ideas, especially plants 
with different leaf shape than tenellus or Lilaeopsis, and ones that 
multiply very fast (under strong lighting conditions in a shallow - 20cm 
- tank)?

BTW offtopic to Neil Frank - did you get my email? I've got no reply from 
you for two times in a row :(... What's your valid address?

BTW2 I received no answer on APD to my question regarding 'rotten water' 
as plant growth stimulation method... :(((

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