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catching fish

I have gone through the exercise of trying to catch fast
fish in a fully planted several times.  Different fish
require different techniques, and I never kept the
"shark" mentioned in the post.

However, I have tried a baited homemade trap, and
only caught every other fish, BUT the one I wanted.

What HAS worked for me was to use an extra large
net with tabi-min, or other solid, desireable food in the
bottom of it.  Hold it midway into the tank until the fish
you want is in it, eating.  Then, swoosh, and you have
it (hopefully - with SAE's, they can swim very fast). 
One thing about this method; it takes great patience
and perseverance.  With some fish, I have had to try it
several days in a row, before the fish developed
confidence in the net.  


Roxanne Bittman