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Re: How to catch fast fish in a densely planted tank

Subject: How to catch fast fish in a densely planted tank


I need to catch and trade-in a Rainbow Shark.  I've had him for almost 4
years, but lately he has gotten very nasty (probably old age ;-).  He
constantly chased, and probably killed (although I never actually saw
kill) my two Siamese Algea Eaters, three Bala Sharks, and 3 Siamese
Fighting Fish (2 females), in the last few months.

However, my tank is too densely planted to catch him with nets.  I can't
move the nets horizontally in most places.  I'm wondering if anybody
where I can buy traps, or any other way of catching a fast fish in a
densely planted tank.  I have been thinking about building a trap out
of a
clear plastic tube, with inward swinging doors at the end.  Would such a
thing work?  Anyone had experience building a trap?

A good way of catching larger cichlids(and it probably will work with
your shark) is use a large, clear plastic bag. Put some food in it,
and the shark will go into the bag, close the bag around him, and
voila! You might have to not feed him for awhile to get him to go into
the bag. 
Wouldn't this work? I've never tried it, but I read it in a book
somewhere. Good luck!


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