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A nice experience

I were having real trouble getting my tank up and running.
After 3 months waterchanges still lead to "New tank Syndrome", beard
algee was growing to well etc etc.
"New tank syndrome" could have been green water, it's hard to tell the
difference sometimes, white, white with a little green in it ...

Anyway, I guess nutrient levels were to high and waterchanges didn't
Then I found this little bag of Azolla caroliniana;

> Azolla caroliniana is a small floating fern housing blue-green algae in its leaves. This algae is
>   capable of absorbing nitrogen from the air, which can then be used by the plant. Water resistant. A.
>   caroliniana now occurs all over the tropics, where it has become a menace because it covers lakes
>   and deprives the original aquatic plants of light. Used as nitrogen fertiliser in rice paddies, and some
>   varieties used as animal feed.
This description is from www.tropica.dk.

It really did the trick, a biological Conlin/Sears method I guess,
stripping the water column of available nutrients - even if N was a
limiting factor. One week later water turned crystal clear, algees have
turned white - and dying. Now this is something I enjoy watching to die

Now I just have to fertilize the water back up to reasonable levels, NOT
as much as before I guess ........

Morten Karlsen,          mailto:markii at online_no