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How to catch fast fish in a densely planted tank


I need to catch and trade-in a Rainbow Shark.  I've had him for almost 4
years, but lately he has gotten very nasty (probably old age ;-).  He
constantly chased, and probably killed (although I never actually saw the
kill) my two Siamese Algea Eaters, three Bala Sharks, and 3 Siamese
Fighting Fish (2 females), in the last few months.

However, my tank is too densely planted to catch him with nets.  I can't
move the nets horizontally in most places.  I'm wondering if anybody knows
where I can buy traps, or any other way of catching a fast fish in a
densely planted tank.  I have been thinking about building a trap out of a
clear plastic tube, with inward swinging doors at the end.  Would such a
thing work?  Anyone had experience building a trap?