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"stalled tank"

Steve Dixon wrote some interesting notes about
"stalled" tanks.  I am also interested in this subject,
since tanks certainly seem to go through some
mysterious cycles.
I share the same doubts he has about the alleleopathy
theory on stalled tanks:  i.e. that the accumulation of
toxins secreted by the plants finally builds up to a point
where the  plants inhibit ea/other's growth.

What if water changes occurred as normal?  Stalling
can still occur.  From observation alone, I have to
agree that it seems to be due to a lack of major
nutrients, N-P-K.

Now, on that subject:
Arizona Aquatic Gardens is selling "Aquatic Plant
Spikes" and Aquaplant tablets.  The spikes seem to
NOT contain macronutrients.  However, the tabs have
them in the ration 11-15-20.
Has anyone tried either or both of these?  Some
manufacturer designed them for aquarium use. 
However, the P level seems high to me.

I'd love to hear any testimonials or reviews out there.


Roxanne Bittman