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Re: Baltimore/DC

Gareth Casey wrote:
>Also,  I am planning a trip to the Baltimore/DC area to visit my sister.
>Can anyone give me some info about stores in the area worth visiting ?
>or breeders for that matter ? I may go as far as Lancater PA  to That
>Fish Place also, is it worth the extra hour and a half drive ?

IMHO, no.  It is worth getting a copy of their catalog, if you don't already
have it.  However, with a few exceptions, anything you'd get at That Fish
Place is available at the Aquarium Center in Randallstown, MD, for a
comparable price.  http://www.aquariumcenter.com/

Totally Fish is the best LFS I've found in the DC area, although its prices
are much higher than the Aquarium Center.  http://www.totallyfish.com/
They've got a great selection of dwarf cichlids, in particular.

House of Tropicals is worth checking out, if you're in the Glen Burnie area.
I don't think they have a web page, but their address is on the Potomac
Valley Aquarium Society's site at http://www.pvas.com/

Tropical Fish World in Gaithersburg, MD is a little further out, and they're
even pricier than Totally Fish, but also worth checking out if you're in the
area.  http://www.tropicalfishworld.com/  Last time I was in, he was just
setting up a huge tank (used to have a shark in it, which he donated to the
National Aquarium) as a planted tank.  Karen, was it set up yet when you
were there?  What's he using for light to reach that depth?

When the rest of the area hobbyists get back from the holidays, I'm sure
you'll get plenty of other suggestions and invitations to visit.  If you're
going to be near DC, drop me an e-mail.

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, Maryland
alysoun.mclaughlin at ncsl_org (work)
alysoun at planetall_com (home)