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Jobes Sticks

Pat Bowerman wrote in response to Tom Wood's question about using Jobes
houseplant sticks.  >>>Tom,  mostly I agree with you. However, here are
a couple of more points.  One of the reasons that folks like to use
Jobes sticks is that they are placed deep into the substrate. The idea
being of course that the plants' roots gain access to those nutrients,
but very little seeps into the water column. (whether this is actually
true or not is probably open to debate)  I am currently experimenting
with the houseplant sticks, which I believe are a 13-4-5 formulation in
a 20 g. So far, (it has been only about 6 weeks) I've had good results.
By that I mean, good plant growth and no indication of increased algae

I have also had success with houseplant sticks for a couple of years
now.  I have tested for phosphate (Hach low range) several times and
never found measurable levels in the water column.  My conditions are
clean soft water (no significant macronutrients), high light (3 w/gal)
and good CO2 levels (25 mg./l) and low/moderate fish load.

Regards, Steve Dixon