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SAE behaviour

Dave G. wrote: 

>In the last week I have noticed some odd behavior among my SAEs.  
>Every once in a while two of them will circle each other head to >tail, 
swimming very vigorously.  Looks like spawning behavior to me, >despite 
their being only 3" long (about 18 months old, I think).  >And strangest 
of all, the pair (but not others in the tank) had >nearly lost the 
longitudinal stripe, it had turned light grey and >splotchy.  Anyone 
seen anything like this before????

Its interesting that you mention this for within the past few weeks I've 
noticed increased spawning activity from a discus pair, as well as 
spawning and resultant fry from puntius titteya (Cherry Barbs). The 
barbs have spawned many times before, but their activities are more 
commonplace as of late. 

Many species of fishes (discus, for instance) exhibit increased spawning 
and spawning-related activities during autumn and winter seasons, 
sometimes due to lower barometric pressure weather. Could this be a 
factor in the activity of your siamensis? Moreover, was the activity 
observed following large water changes using replacement water of a 
lower temp, conditioning using newly introduced or increased feedings of 
live/frozen foods, etc...my understanding is that c. siamensis is not 
frequently spawned in hobbyist aquaria--but perhaps this is a start!

Erik Leung, freezing in San Francisco.

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