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Re: cat food

Adam writes:

> I've been feeding my fish a tiny little bit of the canned cat food.  Just a
>  little bit of what's left in the can the fish seem to love it. It is crude
>  protein 13% (min), crude fat 4% (min), crude fiber 1% (max), moisture 78%
>  (max), ASH 3% (max), and taurine .05% (min).  Comments?
WHen you subtract the moisture content, what remains is about 20% fat.  And
probably mammalian fat at that.  Fish fat is metabolically stored as oil,
because the fish's body temperature is too low to use mammalian fat.  The
mammalian fat that is absorbed into the fish's bloodstream is not going to be
easily utilized.  And 20% animal fat is hard on your body, which is designed
to utilize it.  Imagine what it will do to the fish.

We just went through a similar thread on the Apisto list where someone was
feeding his fish pig's liver.  Same basic problems were discussed.
Considering the cost of cat food vs. fish food, I can't imagine why you would
want to put your fish through all this metabolic risk.  If you want variety,
buy a variety of frozen, freeze-dried, flake and/or live foods.

Bob Dixon