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Re: Jobe's Sticks

Pat Bowerman writes:
>One of the reasons that folks like to use Jobes sticks is that they
>are placed deep into the substrate. The idea being of course that 
>the plants' roots gain access to those nutrients, but very little 
>seeps into the water column. (whether this is actually true or not 
>is probably open to debate)  I am currently experimenting with the
>houseplant sticks, which I believe are a 13-4-5 formulation in a 20 
>g. So far, (it has been only about 6 weeks) I've had good results. 
>By that I mean, good plant growth and no indication of increased 
>algae growth.

I have been using this formulation (13-4-5) for about a year, small 
segments pushed into the gravel at plant roots.  No algae outbreaks 
in that time, and the plants definitely appreciate them.  I add them 
as I see the need, probably about every 3 months.

Cathy Hartland