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Re: lighting for odd size tank

Ed sez:
> I am considering setting up a 30gallon X-high tank (24.25"L X 12.5"W X
>  24.75"H) in my bedroom.  Am wanting to use a medium tech setup including
>  diy co2, diy heating cables, and a wet/dry filter.  The problem comes in
>  when you consider the lighting requirments for a tank of that depth.
>  Perhaps a combination of flourescent and either MH or VHO lighting would
>  do the trick?
>  Would be interested in hearing other peoples input on this project.
It sounds like a good application for a pair of 40W or 50W 22.5" long compact
fluorescents.  The 40W lamps work perfectly on ballasts intended for F32T8
lamps.  I think the 50's ought to work on F40T12 or F40T12U magnetic ("tar")
ballasts, but I haven't tried that yet.  Whatever you use, you'll want to use
a good reflector to get the light to penetrate that deep.

best regards,