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More on Seachem

> Greg Morin wrote:
> >>  If you have
> > > even a few fish in your planted tank they should provide sufficient
> > > levels of nitrogen and phosphorous.

   I'm still not buying this. I add PMDD daily to my tank, and it continually measures low on nitrates.
I occasionally test with a LaMotte nitrate test kit. I'd say on the average of once a month.
That statement may be true with regard to phosphates, (mostly we're all trying to limit PO4 anyway) but,
in my tanks, the fish food definitely doesn't keep the nitrate levels up. I feed a lot of frozen food, and limited
amounts of flake food.

  Roger Miller wrote:

> < snip, Roger discussing some variables, and mostly making good points>

>  I might sell
> separate supplements to provide macronutrients, but I wouldn't put them
> into a general use formula.

I think that Greg hinted that he might thinking this too. BTW, this is one of PMDD's
great strengths. The ability to be custom  tailored to one's own situation.

>There can be repurcussions to oversupplying macronutrients,so if I were manufacturing a plant supplement for general use I would not
>include large supplies of macronutrients in the mix.

I'm not disagreeing with this statement, but I'd like to hear you discuss some of these "repurcussions".

Pat Bowerman