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Nupro "S" Valve

Andy wrote:  >>> Does anyone know what pressure a Nupro Series 'S' valve
should be run at ?>>>
I only have the "M" series Nupro valve.  The information sheet which
came with the valve stated that the valve could handle a very wide range
of pressures, including up to 2,500 psi, if memory serves.   So check
the material that came with the valve.  It should say.  If not, I
wouldn't hesitate to experiment in the range of say, 20 to 100 psi.  I
suspect the "S" series can take a ton of pressure < no <G> intended>
without difficulty.  The output pressure meter for my Victor CO2
regulator reads from zero to 200 psi.  I couldn't follow the terminology
of your original post, but I see a second set of units on the meter.
200 psi appears to correspond to 1400 kPa (whatever that is).  The
relationship between psi and kPa appears to be linear.  100 psi = 700
Good luck,  Steve Dixon in San Francisco