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Check Valves

I am in the process of replumbing some of my tanks and found some
inexpensive check valves that I am considering using. The vavlves are
made by Brady Products and the packaging states that they are made of
acetal plastic with a 316 stainless steel spring and a Buna-N seal. Will
any of these substances affest the water in my tanks ? The lowest ph I
have at present is 5.5. Has anyone had any experience with spring check
vlaves ? The packaging also says that the valves are noncorrosive and
Also,  I am planning a trip to the Baltimore/DC area to visit my sister.
Can anyone give me some info about stores in the area worth visiting ?
or breeders for that matter ? I may go as far as Lancater PA  to That
Fish Place also, is it worth the extra hour and a half drive ?

Thank you very much,
Gareth Casey