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More light and lots of it

I am thinking of upgrading my lighting on my 29 gallon from 60 watts to
150 watts (VHO).  CUrrently I have a semi-experimental substrate of 10% of
the normal amount of laterite for this size tank mixed in the bottom 1
inch of blasting sand, 1-2 cups peat above this and capped with 2-3 inches
plain blasting sand.

I was wondering if when upgrading the lighting and adding CO2 as well due
to the higher light levels, if I should change the substrate to something
more fertile.  My thinking is if I boost the plant growth with more light
and CO2 should I also help out the root system as well?  Changing  the
substrate is not a problem.

Last thing.  I live in Tucson AZ and as Steve (?) has pointed out using
the alkaline soils found in many deserts is not the best of ideas so using
the go out and dig up a soil is not real feasible.  There is some river
soil which may be OK, but is very young and of generally poor quality.

Any replies appreciated.

Hope the hollidaze is going well for everyone.
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