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I'm new to aquatic plants, but I just set up a 25 gal aquarium with some 
plants and now I'm learning how to care for them. (Yes, I usually start 
projects and then learn as I go.)

The tank has no fish yet (probably won't have for at least two months). 
 Some of the plants (swords and another plant I forgot the name of) had 
roots, but the pet store where I bought my plants also sold me a bunch of 
what appear to be Egeria densa that were just cuttings (i.e., no roots). 
 "Just stick them in the gravel and the roots should be there in a month or 
two."  Is that a normal way to buy plants?

I have looked all over for some plans for a do-it-yourself co2 dispenser, 
but have had no luck.  Can someone send me plans, descriptions, etc., or 
direct me to a web page that has the info.  Thanks.

Wendell Saunders
Wendell at cs_quik.com
Colorado Springs, Colorado