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Re: SAE question (now have!)

Yeah, SAE is the best freshwater algae eater. I have 3.
Originally, I had 2 in the 10. At first, they hid out under
hygro bunches for quite a while. Then they started to explore
the rest of the tank. Nope, I don't think mating is possible in
captivity. What we see is their schooling behaviours. That's
one chasing another's tail. No injuries. Unfortunately, one was
a goner next day. No reason. No disease. The other one has been
doing a very very good job of cleaning algae. Specicifically,
hair algae. It's now grown to 1.75" and looks healthy and very
active. By the way, algae eaters need diets other than algae.
Weekly I feed sinking algae wafers, frozen live moquitos larvas
and bloodworms. It loves it, but finishes last. Aren't they
nice guys? <g>

In my 20, at first there was 1 young SAE. Again it hid out in
the back of a huge java fern, but adapted to the new home
rather fast. Taking good care of hair algae on leaves' edges.
Later on, I introduced a company to it. They're a team. Working
everywhere usually together. I figured young SAEs are best off
together. Same schooling behaviour. Same varied diets. However,
they aren't ready for frozen live food. Maybe too young.

Best care you ask? I think it's more or less the same as the
weekly maintenance we do for other tanks. Weekly 25% water
changes. Varied diets. Clear water and substrate surface. Live
plants. No fish overcrowding.

P.S. FWIW, otocinclus affinis' specialty is eating slime algae
on glasses. Probably because of their sucker mouths.


> Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 18:31:41 -0500
> From: BlackNet Runner <br at ldl_net>
> Subject: SAE question (now have!)
> Hello,
> Just thought i'd drop everyone a note and say that I now have
> algae eaters (crossocheilus siamensis)  I ordered 5, was
shipped 6 now
> they are at home in my tank happly schooling.  One of the
first things
> they did was to start munching on my BBA (black brush algae)
and some of
> the brown/green spots on the glass.
> Now that I have then I can move on to other things like sexual
> differences, mating habits (am told that this is currently
not known)  I
> wanna give these new guys and gals the BEST care possible.
> Ed

> p.s. I would also like to hear how other ppl have there sae's
and there
> experiences with them

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