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Sv: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #728

+AD4-Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 20:34:09 -0600
+AD4-From: krombhol+AEA-teclink.net (Paul Krombholz)
+AD4-Subject: Re: Light and CO2
+AD4APg-From: +ACI-Ole Larsen+ACI- +ADw-bse9195+AEA-vip.cybercity.dk+AD4-
+AD4APg-...On several occasions on this list have  I seen the need/use for CO2
+AD4APg-connected to the amount of light. This might be true, but not nessesarily
+AD4APg-the way we all think (more light, more CO2).
+AD4APg-At last years symposium at Aqua Plantae Scandinavica, biologist Ole
+AD4APg-Pedersen, +AD4-Tropica, told of some research, which at least to me, was new.
+AD4APg-The ususal +ACI-rule of minimum+ACI-, saying that any organism needs so
+AD4APg-many +AD4-factors (nutrients, lights, temp., ect)
+AD4APg-fulfilled in order to grow, and if any of theese is in shortage, the growth
+AD4APg-will suffer. This rule does not always hold absolutely thruth: Some plants,
+AD4APg-about dying from lack of light (energy) was given extra CO2 and started
+AD4APg-growing well. It was a strict scientific research and please don't come
+AD4APg-back on me asking about double-blinds, statistic significance etc.,
+AD4APg-I'm not a scientist, but I know when to listen.......
+AD4-I have found that increasing the CO2 for poorly-lit Cryptocoryne caused
+AD4-severe melting. However, if the lighting was increased from one twenty-watt
+AD4-fluorescent on a 29 gallon tank to three twenty watt lights, increasing the
+AD4-CO2 caused only a very minor melt of parts of the oldest leaves, and then
+AD4-the plants started growing vigorously.
+AD4-Paul Krombholz, in chilly central Mississippi, where winter has come right
+AD4-on schedule, Last night the temp. dropped from 70 to 39 in 45 minutes.  

Sorry I do not remember the kind of plants involved, but it certainly was not c.+ALQ-s.
But kind of plant was not the issue. The issue IMO was that the +ACI-rule of minimum+ACI- isn+ALQ-t always
correct and when it is, it could be that it is a matter of a gradual change.

Hope you have termostats on your central heating :-)

And Merry Christmas