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Re: Planted tank for Altums or Discus

On Wed, 23 Dec 1998, Karen Randall wrote:

> >You also were hesitant on the plecos - I understand the big herbivores
> >but the zebra (aqualog L 46) and gold nugget plecos
> >(L85, L177) are, despite what many think, more of a carnivore and should
> >
> >leave the plants alone
> I wasn't the one who suggested avoiding these two species.  I agree with
> you.  I keep Gold Nugget Plecos in my tanks and they certainly do not
> damage plants.  I wouldn't expect Zebras would either.  I personally prefer
> the Gold Nuggets because they are less secretive... you'll see more of
> them. (I think they're prettier too ;-)

I may have been the one that made the original suggestion, and it wasn't
because they tend to damage plants.  It is my understanding that they are
not primarily herbivorous or algivorous.  I don't have specific experience
with the gold nuggets and zebras (friends of mine do), but the one's I am
familiar with tend to a) gnaw on driftwood and produce large quantities of
waste b) root about in a fine substrate and disturb decor and c) hide a
lot.  So while they probably won't cause the plants any problems directly
they will probably be easier to care for and easier to enjoy in an
unplanted tank.  If the species you're considering don't have those
tendencies then there is no problem.

Roger Miller