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Re: Fish-Plant Interactions?

> Date: Mon, 21 Dec 1998 18:45:35 +0000
> From: "Cathy Hartland" <hartland at nfis_com>
> Subject: Fish-Plant Interactions?
> I have a 30 gal heavily planted tank, 4wpg lighting, DIY CO2,
with 3 
> serpae tetras, 4 otos, 1 small pleco, 8 cardinal tetras, and
6 rummy 
> nose tetras.  The tank is thriving, weekly pruning required,
no algae 
> problems.  The problem is with the rummy noses, which spend
their day 
> hiding in a heavy clump of H. polysperma in the rear of the
> I've had these fish for about a year and a half, but do not
have the 
> enjoyment of watching them except during feeding, when they
dart out 
> into the open area in the foreground and join the frenzy and
> retire again.  Is there something about my aquarium that
would cause 
> them to hide like this?  Is this normal for rummy noses?  Is
> light too bright, heavy vegetation too tempting?  Anyone know
what I 
> can do to draw them out?
3 possibilities:

1. It's in their nature to hide in daylight
2. too much light
3. the rummy noses might feel outnumbered by the cardinals

IMHO, hygrophila polysperma doesn't need 4w/g lighting. 3w/g is
optimal. Mine does well in 2w/g w/ DIY CO2. I guess your
hygro's upper leaves are turning reddish. No wonder you have
lush plant growth.

My best guess is your 30 got too much light for the rummy
noses. Try to reduce it to 3w/g or move the fish to another
dimly lit, spacious(in surface area) tank to see if they turn

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