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Water Clarity vs. Water Movement

I currently run two HOT Magnums with the micron cartridge on a 60 gallon.  I'm
planning a 120 and am working out the fitration.  The Magnums provide plenty
of water motion, but unless I use the microns, there are always enough
suspended particles to be annoying.  The downside is, they only last a week
before clogging, and can't be doing the motors much good.  For a tank as large
as a 120 (48x24x24) what is the best filtration?  I hear recommendations for
Eheim but do they provide crystal clear water without cloggin frequently?  I
also hear recommendations for simple sponge filters - like four of them on
powerheads in each corner?  Or would one of the big Ocean Clear cannisters
with a micron work best?  Thanks for any experiences shared in this size