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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #724

In a message dated 12/22/1998 2:58:28 AM Central Standard Time, Aquatic-
Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

 Date: 21 Dec 98 16:06:50 EST
 From: Dana.E.Kennedy at Dartmouth_EDU (Dana E. Kennedy)
 Subject: Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #723
 I would like to ask some of you out there a "hardness" question. I have tried
 basically everything for the last 8 months or so in my 55 gallon planted
tank. I
 have a neutral ph of 7.0. I inject CO2, and add PMDD daily to obtain an iron
 reading of around 1.0ppm. I have 230 watts of VHO lighting through an ice cap
 ballast. I have tried everything to make my plants grow, and their just not
 growing like I think they should be. >>

Well I don't think it is the hardness.  I have much harder water than you do 
which max out most hardness test kits.  I have fairly good luck without CO2
and extremly good luck with CO2.

As I see the 230 watts for a 55 gallon tanks is way more than I use.  I have
two 55's at the time running tank one is using 80 watts mainly a 40 watt Croma
and a 40 watt Plant and Aquarium tube this tank does not have CO2.  My second
thank is a simular set up with the exception that it has CO2 plus an
tube which is a maa F40SPX65 (extended daylight bulb.  Both tanks are cycled
the same timer with 14.5 hours on and 9.5 hours off.  These tanks are located
in the
basement so they do not get any addition sunlight.

 Today I purchased a GH and KH test kit and tested my tap water. My kH reads
 around 8-9, while my GH reads around 12. I knew my water was fairly hard. Has
 anyone had success growing plants in water this hard??? I am considering
 purchasing a deionizer from my LFS, but not sure if this would make a
 difference. This would basically strip my tap water of all it's chemicals, I
 could than fertilize using the PMDD. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I
 running out of options, as well as money. >>

Your iron content might be adaquate.  But how about all the other mineral that
plant use.  I use two different general purpose liquid plant fertalizers
besides Tetra 
spikes when I set up the tanks.  

Sure softer water will help but I think your problem is elswhere.