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Phillips T-8 80 series

After a long discourse on the ADA list I discovered that my Phillips TL850
32w T-8 lamps compare favorably with the $32 ADA lamps.  Check out the
spectral spread at
http://www.lighting.philips.com/nam/prodinfo/fluorescent/p3554.shtml the 850
(5000k) is the last colored chart.  Big spikes at 425nm and 625nm locations,
along with a wad of green for CRI.  At about a 1000 lumens/watt they are
very efficient, even for T-8s.   I bought mine for about $5 per.  CF and
other T-8 info is at
http://www.lighting.philips.com/nam/prodinfo/index_body_1.shtml.  and
specific 32w 4' info on the 850 is at
Therefor the PAR is really good?

BTW, I'm totally happy with them.  Just a suggestion for anyone considering
the moce to T-8s.