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Nymphaea success and questions

Around 1 year ago I picked up an unidentified bulb at my LFS.  It
turned out to be some kind of dwarf lily.  It put out 4-5 smallish
arrow-shaped leaves and just sort of sat there.  Then, after
several months, the leaves died off rather suddenly.  A month or
so later, I was surprised to discover a new plant about 5 inches
from the original location.  Then, the original plant came back
with 4 submerged leaves, and then started sending up floaters.  I
should point out here that my tank is 30" deep and the substrate-
to-surface distance is at least 25" where the plant is.  I now have
three cute little (2-3") lily pads on the surface, and another on
the way.

Now that I've got this thing growing, it might be time to learn
something about it.  So I have a few questions:

Was the die-off of the original plant a natural cycle for this
plant?  (i.e. part of dividing the original bulb?)   Or did
something in my tank cause it?

How long will it take for the daughter plant to produce daughter
plants of its own?

Can I expect the plant to flower at this point?  If so, does anyone
have any suggestions to ensure successful reproduction?

David Ozenne
Berkeley, CA