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Re: DI water (was APD V3 #724

Hello Dana,

Before you invest in a deionizing unit, check how many gallons of your
water will each cartridge process. That and the price of a replacement
cartridge will give you cost/year (if you do, say, 25%/week water

Your other choice is Reverse Osmosis, which over 2-3 years might turn
out to be less expensive.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


> I would like to ask some of you out there a "hardness" question. I have tried
> basically everything for the last 8 months or so in my 55 gallon planted tank. I
> have a neutral ph of 7.0. I inject CO2, and add PMDD daily to obtain an iron
> reading of around 1.0ppm. I have 230 watts of VHO lighting through an ice cap
> ballast. I have tried everything to make my plants grow, and their just not
> growing like I think they should be.
> Today I purchased a GH and KH test kit and tested my tap water. My kH reads
> around 8-9, while my GH reads around 12. I knew my water was fairly hard. Has
> anyone had success growing plants in water this hard??? I am considering
> purchasing a deionizer from my LFS, but not sure if this would make a
> difference. This would basically strip my tap water of all it's chemicals, I
> could than fertilize using the PMDD. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am
> running out of options, as well as money.
> Dana Kennedy