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Re: "Magnum H.O.T" filter

> > Is this filter too much for a 20 gallon planted fish tank?  200 gph or
> > 250gph [snip]

>  The standard rule of thumb is 5-7 "volumes" per hour.  A 100 gph filter is
>  volumes.  When you subtract for the gravel, plants, and all the other 
> goodies,
>  you're probably right at 6.5 or 7 volumes.  Why do you need more?  If it
>  doing the job, it is possible something needs to be reconsidered, but 
> doubling
>  the filter power is not likely to be the correct answer.
The filter sort of does the job, but it clogs up (dead leaves, algae, fish
poop) *very* quickly and I have to clean in every couple of days.  The
manufacturer rates it for 5 to 15 gallons.  It's exactly the same size as a
penguin "Mini".  I rinse and reuse the floss/carbon cartridges (I couldn't
care less about carbon) quite a few times before I replace them, and I have
AP's "bio chem stars" that I never rinse in the filter chamber to keep the
biological filtration going.

I've experimented with wadding up a handful of polyester floss in the filter
chamber, but it floats up and the water bypasses it.  I may try finding a
coarse natural sponge that I can trim to fit tightly in the filter box and see
what that does as filter media.

I guess what I'm trying to get to is a more filter surface area rather than
more gph.  I'm having trouble doing that with my tiny power filter.

Thanks for the reply.