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Re: "Magnum HOT" filter OK in a planted tank?

Bob writes:

> Is this filter too much for a 20 gallon planted fish tank?  200 gph or
>  or whatever it is rated seems like it would churn the water even if I 
> diffused
>  the output below the water surface.  But I need something more that the 
> little
>  100 gph power filter I have now.  I am injecting a little CO2 into the 
> filter
>  suction tube (yeast method), and I don't want to lose it all from surface
>  agitation.  And the fish don't need to be fighting a maelstrom!

The standard rule of thumb is 5-7 "volumes" per hour.  A 100 gph filter is 5
volumes.  When you subtract for the gravel, plants, and all the other goodies,
you're probably right at 6.5 or 7 volumes.  Why do you need more?  If it isn't
doing the job, it is possible something needs to be reconsidered, but doubling
the filter power is not likely to be the correct answer.

Bob Dixon