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Seachem Flourish Question

This is primarily directed to Greg Morin, but I thought others might be
interested in the answer. A friend of mine, who happens to own a lfs, recently
received a shipment of Seachem products. He called a Seachem employee, identified
only as Collin, to inquire about the ingredients in Flourish. Upon hearing that
Flourish contained little or no Nitrogen, Phosphorus, or Potassium, he inquired
where the plants were going to obtain these major nutrients. Specifically, I
believe he was mostly interested in Nitrogen, since he was/is having a mild cyano
problem in his display tank, and I had mentioned that I thought that it might be
N limited. (tests later proved N levels to be very low) Collin replied that he
considered ideal nitrogen levels to be zero.

My questions are:

 1. Does Seachem believe that ideal N levels in a planted aquarium should be

 2. If not, where does Seachem expect N-P-K to be supplied from since there is
very little contained in either
     Flourish or Flourish Tabs?

  Looking forward to your reply,
  Pat Bowerman