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Dissolved CO2 Question

I have a question about dissolved CO2.  I have a heavily planted 30 gal
aquarium with fluorite in the substrate and 60W of light.  I had a diy CO2 set
up into the filter intake.  My KH is 8 and a pH of 7.0.  I checked the
dissolved CO2 (test kit from Red Sea) and it said it was 40 ppm, I checked my
20 gal tank that has a slower bubble count and it was 30 ppm (also heavily
planted with the same conditions).  Finally I checked a newly set up tank
(about a week old) with nothing in it but gravel and it read 16 ppm.  My water
is a mix of 2/3 RO and 1/3 well water (yes, it is tough with a well).  Is this
possible or is the test kit wrong?  BTW, the thirty has 4 otos and 6 cory's
all doing fine.  The two twenties have no fish.  My chart of KH to pH says it
can be a maximum of 24 ppm.