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Lazy aquarist

I have a 90 gallon tank with 330 watts light, kitty litter with blasting
sand over the top for a total of 4-5 inches of substrate.  The only
addition to the substrate is a rare Jobes.

My question is as follows:  Due to a large lazy streak I have not done
anything beyond feed the fish and top off evaporation with RO water for
the past 3 months or so.  The plants have been growing slowly, but
steadily and the growth looks fine.  It is not cholorotic (sp?) and there
does not seem to be any deficencies.  The plants include some nice amazon
swords (species unknown), hygro, sag, val, some crypts, wisteria, and a
few other things.  All looks good.

The fish load is medium.  Lots of algae eaters, 4 bushy nose pleco, 6 true
SAE, 5 or so otos, 7 flagfish.  1 large angel, 30 cardinals, 10 rasbora
hets, 10 paleatus cory cats, 2 yo-yo loaches.  The fish are overfed once
per day.

THere is no CO2 addition and a well sealed wet/dry is used.

Is this an example of a "balanced" tank?  I feel bad neglecting the tank
and it really needs a trimming, but talk on the list about balance made me
think about this.  Any comments, suggestions and ideas are appreciated.  I
really expected the lack of iron to be a problem as other than Kent plant
stuff there is no other source of iron.

Tank parameters:
330 watts VHO 2 aquasun, 1 actinic
48"L x 18"W x 24" T
4-5 inch kitty litter/blasting sand
RO water with RO RIght to about 80 ppm
pH 7.3 or so
temp 80-82
previous fertilizer Kent Plant
few Jobes palm in substrate
slight BBA problem- seems to be slowly losing its battle to take over the

Thanks for any thoughts
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