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Re: Mission Impossible

Happy Holidays to the List!

Thanks to all who replied.  I printed out all of the responses my query
generated (editing them to avoid offending my boss) and showed them to him.
He told me that you folks don't know anything, showed me two pictures from
Amano's first book and said he wanted that.  I said I needed more supplies
to work with.  He said no.  I declined to do the tank.

I plan to spend the holiday brushing up the ol' resume.  It was bad enough
when he yanked the protien skimmers off the saltwater systems because they
cost too much to run.

I do appreciate the response.  At least I tried.


Special holiday thanks to Listmom!

>Andy wrote:
>My boss at the LFS has chosen me to set up and maintain our planted display
>tank.  I am to do so only within the following constraints.
>Tank: standard 75 gallon, All Glass
>Filtration: Millenium 1000
>Substrate: 1 bag flourite, tex-blast to 4"
>Lighting: 2x40w, 48" Coralife ColorMax tubes
>CO2: Ceomat system
>Fish: 50 Cardinal Tetras
>Lilaeopsis (lawn)
>Hygrophila polysperma
>Vesicularia dubyana
>Shinnersia rivularis
>Cabomba carolinia
>Eleocharis acicularis
>The lighting issue has been brought to his attention and he replied that
>when he was a kid, he kept aquatic plants with no water circulation, a
>striplight and no fertilization and they did great--plus, lights cost money
>and you can't sell disply lights for the full markup.  I am still going to
>suggest that we use the 110w 48" Perfecto SHO light strip rather than NO
>flourescents, but expect rejection.
>Any ideas?  Please?